About us

Stop the Tick is a campaign set up by Care Plus. Care Plus has been developing effective and responsible health products and devices for more than twenty years to ensure you stay healthy whilst travelling and at home. Care Plus is a trademark of Tropicare, the leading specialist in safe and healthy travel since 1992. With Care Plus products, you are getting the very best for your health.


Dedicated participants

All the information in this campaign was provided by professionals and volunteers. Knowledge and information was given to help create awareness for Lyme disease and preventing people from contamination. We thank all contributors for their help and assistants but in particular:-

  • Dr.ir. Bart Knols (medical entomologist and specialist vectors and infection sicknesses)
  • Drs. ING. Herman Aa (veterinary, research worker and founder teek-care)
  • Fedor Gassner, PhD. (vector biologist, entomologist, research worker ticks and Lyme ecology)
  • The (ex)patients who had the courage to tell their stories: Michael Johnson (39), Emma Mosey (31) and Jenny Watts (24)